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The ESPR task force on Research, on behalf of the ESPR, promotes and supports basic and clinical research directed to imaging in children.

The project "Multicenter Study for Optimization of Intravenous Contrast Medium Injection in Pediatric CT" is now ready to launch & and we hope that you and your colleagues will join this important study!

The rationale for the study is that, due to faster circulation times in children and faster CT machines, the iv. Iodine injection mirrors a "hit or miss" situation. Due to bolus tracking algorithms arterial investigations are less problematic than f.inst. abdominal CT within portal venous phase. At the Division of Pediatric Radiology, Dept. of Radiology, Graz / A, we have developed an Excel Sheet for iv. contrast medium injection (amount, rate, delay, saline push). By plotting the required data into the Online Excel Sheet, you will also automatically receive the pediatric glomerular filtration rate and the most recent pediatric dose parameter (see AAPM Report 204). As such- this is a unique possibility for you and your department to get an overview of your pediatric CT-practice.

To reach the required numbers of participants for this particular study, we need your help through a multicentre design.

The main aim for the study is to:
  • Collect data for further optimization of our Excel Sheet for iv contrast injection
  • Additional aims are to:
  • Examine which types of machines are used for Pediatric CT
  • Examine doses used in Pediatric CT
  • The study protocol is attached for further details.
    All participating institutions will receive the Graz Excel Sheet after signature of a non disclosure statement (attached). In short, the statement says that you should not commercialize the sheet since it is property of the Medical University Graz / A.
    Ethics board permission of the Medical University Graz in English language is available. The project was presented at the ESPR Meeting in Athens, 2012. You find all documents under the links below.

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